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Unreal Engine Developer

We required a competent Unreal Engine developer using a blueprint visual coding workflow to work remotely each day with the developers of Jaws of Extinction and other ongoing projects.

Preferred to be United Kingdom based working 9.00am - 5.00pm (flexible) GMT, this is not required but would work better with the team.

The individual will be required to work using Unreal engine 4 and 5 on a blueprint visual coding workflow with basic C++ knowledge but not required. You should have a very good understanding of the performance profiling tools inside Unreal Engine and any other third party applications that may assist.


Work from home / remote


£22,000 - £27,000

per year


• Use of Discord via VOIP on a daily basis (Monday - Friday).
• Have a microphone to be able to converse with developers and the team.
• Weekly team meetings on Thursday evening from 19.30 - 10.30 GMT.


• A good knowledge of Unreal Engine blueprint visual coding & development.
• A good knowledge of performance profiling in Unreal Engine.
• Be able to code / develop in C++ (optional).

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